6 and 12 String Guitar

by Leo Kottke

(1969) Takoma #TAKCD-6503-2

Personnel Leo Kottke: Guitar
Description The steel-string-fingerpicking master himself, Leo Kottke, presents his first recording. (Yes, the Armadillo album).
Posted By Sam Lachterman (37)
Directory Recordings: Acoustic/Folk
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Member Reviews

On 10/11/2000, Tony Cook (2424) posted:
Overall Rating:
An amazing guitarist- his right hand technique is frightening. This work rates near the top of his catalog (20+ albums and still going).
On 3/5/2000, Sam Lachterman (37) posted:
Overall Rating:
I once saw Leo Kottke live. He tuned his twelve-string for over five minutes, and then apologized, saying, "Sorry guys. Unlike some folks I actually like to play in tune." He then proceeded to play one of the most impressive sets I have ever seen. I wish I was born with this man's talent and creativity. If you haven't heard him yet, please buy one of his CDs or go to one of his shows, if only for your own good as a guitarist.