Bloody Kisses

by Type O Negative

(1993) Roadrunner

Description The right mixture of punk and goth makes for a hellatious listening experience....for anybody with taste that is.
Posted By Steven P'Pool (231)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 12/13/2000, Jason Tafilowski (1468) posted:
Overall Rating:
Type O kicks a-- I think they have a very original and unique sound all their own and they have some great songs.
On 3/4/2000, Al Shah (346) posted:
Overall Rating:
Though there are a few funny experimental tracks, the real songs on here are absolutely amazing. Christian Woman is Type O at their best with Peter Steel's infectious "Corpus Christi" chant, Black No.1 has an awesome groove, and Bloody Kisses is one of the darkest songs i've heard. We Hate Everyone has an awesome interlude sandwiched between some fast metal riffs. I'd have to agree with the boy band thingie too... Overall, listening from start to finish, an incredible experience that very few bands can match. HIGHLY recommend.
On 3/3/2000, Steven P'Pool (231) posted:
Overall Rating:
This CD is Anarchy and Anti-Establishmentism wrapped into a single entity. WARNING-If you have any frends that like the "Boy Band" craze this CD will make you want to drag them into the street and beat some sense into them.