Snarling Dogs Whine-O Wah

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Snarling Dogs

Description 3 totally different wahs in one.
Posted By Keith Hart (82)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 6/26/2000, Joe Wall posted:
Overall Rating:
An average wah when it worked, and it crapped out on my after no time at all.

It looks cool (glow in the dark logo, foot shaped pedal, glowing dog eyes) and sounds ok, but I bought it because it was cheaper.

I recently went and bought a Vox wah and it's completely beautiful. I've found with guitar gear, there's no substitute for the real thing.

Bottom line: I bought the wah because it was on sale, and would not buy another one. If my vox broke, I would rush over to my nereast dealer and buy another one no matter what the price.
Price: $79.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
Cool wah, with lots of flexability in tone. Has 3 settings: Shaft, Voodoo, White Room. And two settings that make the signal clean, or adds some crunch named: Estrogen or Testosterone.
Sound Quality:
I play an Epiphone LP Standard, through my wah (orginaly the whine-o, now through a Vox), a MXR phase 90, a ts9 tube screamer, boss ds-1, boss dd-5, then my pride and joy, a 1970's silverface fender twin (I have many friends with all sorts of marshall,solid state, digital, and tube stuff that doesn't even come close in tone)

I play a lot of blues and classic rock, but it is flexable enough in tone that you could play pretty much any genre with it.

Sound quality was pretty good, but every one I tried really made a loud "popping" sound when I turned it on. Also, if I change the settings when its engaged, again, it made a snap or popping sound. It wasn't bad in the store, but as I played it at home it got worse. I cleaned all the switches and still got the same thing. Eventually, it got pretty bad (I'd use my volume pedal to turn everything down before I could engage the wah).

Then one day, it just stopped making that sound. I was ecstatic!

When one day, I was jamming and started to take a solo, so I decided to turn on my killer wah! Stomped on it and nothing happened, and I don't mean no wah was engaged, I mean it completely cut my signal to nothing. So there I was playing a killer solo "unplugged" thanks to my wah.

It quite working all together after that, and I never return to gear that let's me down durring a gig. I consider it a bad sign for it to kick out when it matters most, so, I tossed it in the closset never to return.
Ease of Use:
Any one could operate this pedal. No real fiddling to get a decent sound. Within 15 minutes I was jamming (and popping).
It broke, and here is the killer. I have a friend who got one at the same sale price at a different Guitar Center in another state. He had almost the exact same problems.
On 3/3/2000, Keith Hart (82) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love this thing. I have had other Wah's and none even come close. Plus it has a really cool design. It may look like a gas pedal from the seventies but it is a real beast when it comes to sound.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $129.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Champaine music store
a very vocal wah with a wide frequncey range and 18db of boost. Has a unique feature-- Testosorone/estrogen switch that dramatically alters wah sound.
Sound Quality:
The wah features a 3 way selector switch-- White Room, Voo Doo, Shaft. The White Room setting gives a very fat vocal sound while the Voo Doo has the classic Hendrix/Vox sound, and the Shaft setting has a classic funky sound. Each of these setting has an extremely broad sweep range giving you greater flexbility than most wah's offer. The testostorone/estrogen switch switchs the sounds of each from warm to downright nasty. 18 Db of boost can be attained via the volume knob on the side.
Ease of Use:
It is very self explanitory all the controls are labled in wide white letters. My only problem with this pedal is like the Dunlop wahs, you really gotta mash on the top of the pedal to turn it on. Vox and Morley wahs do not have this problem. another real good thing is the pedal has a glow in the dark design on it (growlng doverman)that the eyes light up when it is on, no more stumbling over your wah.
built like a tank. All steel construction. Plus it comes with extra knobs, foot pads, switch and battery bolt down parts in case you mes something up.