Mesa/Boogie Mark 4

Made by Mesa/Boogie

Description 1 clean channel, 1distorted or clean channel #2 & Distortion ripping lead channel which can be ran in many power and E.Q. configurations(power amp totally reacts to power amp( changes with settings. The amp runs on 4 6l6 power tubes and 4 12ax7input.
Posted By Michael Shipley (16)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 11/24/2003, Bill North (12505) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is one sweet rig.
Over my 40+ years of playing I've managed to plug into just about everything out there at one time or another. This is my favorite.

The only bad part is the weight. I have freewights that are lighter. I wish I could benchpress my Mark IV 20 reps !!! (LOL)

The Tone's the thing BTW.
The notes are transparent in the clean channel and seem to swell in mid-air. Allows the character of the guitar to shine through and be itself. A totally class act from top to bottom.

If this one were stolen I'd replace it with the long head and seperate speakers.
Model Year: 2003
Price: $0.00 Trade (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center on Halsted (Chicago IL)

================= Back views are with 2 EL34's and 2 6L6's ===============

3 Channel 6 Mode wide body combo amp with 12" Celestion GT-85 Speaker
3 Switchable Channels Ryth 1 - Ryth 2 and Lead 2 Switchable and assignable effects loops
Switchable and assignable 5 Band Graphic EQ
Direct Recording Out (with speaker simulation)
Power matches venue as follows:
15 Watts (EL34s) or 30 Watts (6L6's) in Class Class A mode
65 Watts (2-EL34's & 2-6L6's) or 85 Watts (4-6L6's) in Simul-class Mode
Sound Quality:
See my home page for my 6 string roster. I also play lap and pedal steel through it.
I play Rock, Blues and Country in working bands; although it will fit most musical genres. This is the smoothest and best sounding amp I've ever owned. I;ve been playing since 1959 and layed through most stuff out there. It's even quiet in high gain mode (single pickup noise aside). The clean Channel with crank out all 85 Watts pure and sweet, or overdrive into AC-30 land. Distortion goes from the point where I can control clean/crunch ratio from pick attack to all out susutain and ditry grunge crunch. You'll need a pedal to reach buzzsaw metal sounds though (no Recto mode here). Fit's my styles to a "T", though.
Ease of Use:
No programable settings -
This no plug and play amp. You must take time to get intimate with the amp's characteristics as changing knobs one number(e.g. from 7 to 8 )completely changes the characteristic of the the sound. It as powerful as my Line 6 Modeler amp was, but completely analog and tube.
Groovus Maximus !!!!
The ability to have presets would have brought it up to a rating of 5.
I'll probably die before this amp does. At the rate I use the amp I'll probably retube the power section every 6 months. (I also carry a tube kit to all gigs) It's built like a tank. No question of durability other than the pots (which have plastic shafts to keep the high gain sections quiet).
On 3/3/2000, Michael Shipley (16) posted:
Overall Rating:
I've only replaced one tube and only by my mistake alone(swithing cord burned against the tube creating a hot spot).
Price: $1600.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Chuck Levins(Washington Music)
Sound Quality:
Ease of Use:
Point to point wiring