Alejandro Silva

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Posted By Waldo Muoz (19)
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Member Reviews

On 3/22/2002, Marcelo Rocha de Souza (2016) posted:
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I'd like to have found something there. Another broken link...
On 10/31/2001, Waldo Muoz (19) posted:
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The best chilean guitarist, with influences of: Satriani, Becker, Malmsteen and Friedman. Speed and creative in yours tracks.

On 12/30/2000, Victor Perez (5) posted:
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O.K. People. This guy is Great. Only a few people surface that are worth a s---. This is one of them. His home address is he is like himself. Everyone these days are influence by someone. I would say, safe bet is he is totally original. Considering that his compositions are not Satriani based or any one based, yes I know... influences. I would sit through about 30 of his concerts in a row... Not so fortunate for Joe S. We unfortunately lost the privilege of hearing the voice of Jason Becker, who in my opinion, is one of our greats for the century! Not so with this guy. He is not Jason, but he is totally refreshing, himself, from somewhere other than North America as we know it. And he is very good. I would say that if fate follows a normal progression, this guy will be big. Right now it is a matter of business, till he is known. If I were Steve Via... I would sign this guy on to my new record label... No matter what the cost. Alejo is the s---s. He is worth checking out!

Remember the words of one of the best! "Listen, listen, listen." -Joe Pass