by Slipknot

(1999) Roadrunner

Personnel (0) Sid: Turntables (1) Joey: Drums (2) Paul: Bass (3) Chris: Custom Percussion (4) James: Guitars (5) Craig: Samples/media (6) Shawn: Custom Percussion (7) Mick: Guitar (8) Corey: Vocals
Description Slipknot gives the fresh breath that metal has been waiting for. I highly suggest picking this up if you are a true metal head.
Posted By Steven P'Pool (231)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 7/2/2001, David Begin (1116) posted:
Overall Rating:
9 New Hardcore Heros Are Born. I loved this CD and Can't wait for the next. I'm going to see them in concert this summer and its going to be sweet.
On 10/6/2000, Tim Segal (82) posted:
Overall Rating:
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. More into punk and grunge than metal, but this may change my mind. Saw them at Reading in the summer, bought the album and now is one of my favourite cds. The music is excellent especially in Wait and Bleed, and the value for money, for the amount of tracks you get is excellent. They use synthesisers for their voices excellently, and i can't think of much ways this could've been better.
On 7/18/2000, Travis Vonhugenstien (76) posted:
Overall Rating:
I really like slipknots album it has a killer tone with the guitar and bass dwelling together very well in its underground snaping bass sounds and chorus of voices that give it a more unstable yet melodic sound!

Ill give it a 4 becuase even though they are original and they kick a-- they lack a little substance in this album, but Im sure if they make a second album they will put a little more soul into it!
On 7/18/2000, Joe Bogstie (12) posted:
Overall Rating:
You haven't lived until experiencing a Slipknot live show, and nothing brings it back like sitting back to their debut with a fat bowl of Purple Indica, and getting that old fashioned urge to kill everybody and everything.
On 4/24/2000, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
Unbelievable. This has to be one of the greatest albums ever made. Every single track is unbelievably complex and all have a unique sound. Do yourself a favor and buy this as soon as possible.
On 3/29/2000, Anthony Hunt (55) posted:
Overall Rating:
When I first got this CD I thought it was just the greatest. However, it didn't take long to realize that the band lacked vocal talent and melody. Sure, the screaming and down-tuned, distorted guitar is interesting in the beginning, but it gets tiresome and repetitive. For me, it became one of those CDs you pop in every 3 weeks or so for about 5-10 min. Also, I think the whole costume thing is a cheap gimmick, and their "Wait and Bleed" video was pretty lame.
On 3/8/2000, Jason Reich (1765) posted:
Overall Rating:
A nine peice metal band thats works. Whats that noise in the background though? Oh, its a melody.
On 3/2/2000, Steven P'Pool (231) posted:
Overall Rating:
This CD rocks from beginning to end. I haven't been this excited about an album since I bought my first Metallica tape in the 5th grade. The guitarist, 4 and 7, show that shredding the frets and headbanging is not out of style yet. For all of those looking for some good old fashion anger and sreaming get this. Oh and be sure to play it for mom..................