Egnater TOL 50 HEAD

Made by Egnater

Description 2 channel 50watt tube guitar head.
Posted By Scott Davidson (54)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 2/28/2000, Scott Davidson (54) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love it. Go out and get one. The list is around 1200.00, but it is worth every penny as far as I'm concerned.
Model Year: 2000
Where Obtained: Ground Zero Music
Channel 1: Volume and Master volume (EQ shared with channel 2) Bright switch, voicing switch and gain boost. Channel one's voicing switch allows it to sound like a black face or a vox. (cool feature) It is very clean and detailed until you engage the boost, then it really breaks up nicely. I was getting SRV type tones right from the start. Channel 2 has volume and master volume, bright switch and gain boost. It can be used as a clean channel or dirty channel as well. I was able to coax a nice Robben Ford type of tone easily. I play in a cover band, and have been able to get most of the tones from Fastball to Lit with this channel. Other cool features are the effects loop that you can use either in series or parallel, the density knob (allows amazing low end chunk, and the 50watt/10watt selector switch.
Sound Quality:
Sounds great with very little tweaking. This is a very flexible amp. The 10watt mode is very loose sounding. You can tell the power amp tubes are sweating bullets. The 50 watt mode is tight and very responsive. You can go from very dirty fairly clean with the volume knob on your guitar.
Ease of Use:
There are no bad sounds on this amp. Very straight forward controlls that are easy to see.
If it lasts as well as the other Roctron gear I have, it will be very dependable. This thing is built like a tank.