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Posted By Jim Wagner (1561)
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On 9/28/2002, Dylan Tuggle (334) posted:
Overall Rating:
I've never bought anything big like a guitar or amp from Elderly, but I buy small stuff from them all the time and have never had any problems. I personally don't like the design of their website, but they have some good catalogs which include their gigantic selection of books, videos, and cd's.
On 5/29/2002, Darryl Roberts (5330) posted:
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It appears to be a matter of the actual store being great, but some of their online dealings being on the slippery side. At any rate, based on what Rex had to say I don't think I'll be buying any consignment guitars from them, but they do have tons of other stuff, and for really good prices. I would recommend taking a look for yourself, and practicing a health attitude of "caveat emptor."

On 6/25/2001, Carl Anderson (2230) posted:
Overall Rating:
I like this site. TONS of great stuff. Good catalog too!
On 2/9/2001, Jim Wagner (1561) posted:
Overall Rating:
Excelent site, lots of vintage and used instruments.

This is an update of by previous review.

I just read about Rex Jones' experience with a consignment guitar from Elderly. I have always had excellent service there. I purchased a new Strat two years ago and a used Mexican Strat a few months ago. No problems.

I had a Seymour Duncan PAF installed in the bridge position of my son's Strat for his birthday last fall. The pickup developed a problem where it would cut out after a few minutes of playing. The first time I took it back, they couldn't duplicate the problem. It just wouldn't cut out. Of course it did cut out 5 minutes after we got back home. I took it back and they did finally get it to cut out, took a couple of days. The replaced it at no cost.

I go to Elderly every chance I get. It's an excellent guitar shop and the staff have always been very helpful.

I was sorry to hear Rex Jones had problems with them, but at least they gave him a refund. I've been to some guitar shops that won't let you return anything sold on consignment.
On 3/8/2000, Rex Jones (12455) posted:
Overall Rating:
Less than a year ago I felt Elderly was one of the coolest music stores ever. A friend and I drove hours one day to visit them. Last fall I bought a Ovation Ultra G.S solid body guitar, they offered, with pictures on their web site. When the guitar arrived it had a twisted neck and the tremelo had been dropped or hit, at any rate, three intonation pins were bent. The luthier I use had two of the three pins and we got the tremolo up and running, but the twist in the neck was too sever, or too costly to repair. I sent it back , with a note explaining what had transpired, and informed them I would love to own the guitar if they would fix the "un-mentioned", in their desciption, defects I had found. Sorry Rex, The guitars on "Consignment" here is your money back. So far so good we're all thinking right? wrong!, Less than a week later that same guitar was up for sale again without a mention of the significant defects I had found. With one of the best repair shops in the world, and a section in their catalog for "as is" guitars (Where in my oppion this guitar should have been moved to), they were selling this defective guitar again, no defects mentioned, to the next "gulable guitar player" who came along that wasn't as knowledgable as I about how a guitar should be. The selling price was only $225.00, Their profit on that guitar was probably around $30.00 to $40.00 (selling it on consignment) so for less that $40.00 they did not hesitate to missrepresent a guitar in their cataloge and sell defective gear to the next guy to come along. It makes me wonder about all the high end "Vintage" gear they describe for sale. I tried to e-mail the owner, or manager to voice my amazment at this business decision, even offrered to pay for the collect call, either the staff never informed them or they chose to ignor me. but no call. so thats my gripe about Elderly, lots of "Good gear for musitions on the outside", and "A suckers born every second on the inside!" I gave my "Elderly" Tee shirt to Goodwill! !!