Live...With A Little Help From Our Friends

by Gov't Mule

(1999) Capricorn #314 538 958-2

Personnel Warren Haynes-guitar and vocals, Allen Woody-Bass and backround vocals, Matt Abts-Drums, special guest performers including guitarists: Marc Ford, Derek Trucks, and Jimmy Herring as well as other musicians
Description This is an amazing example of a killer power trio band that can jam all night, and they have a great selection of guests, they have some really long jams on the second disk, this is a great band.
Posted By Eric Stanbrough (1108)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 3/31/2000, Josh Graves (2401) posted:
Overall Rating:
A must have album for any fan of blues guitar. Warren Haynes is uncomparable in the modern popular blues scene. With this power trio he goes way beyond the pentatonic stuff that made him famous with the Allman Bros. They are currently the reigning champions of the "jam band," and for good reason. If you want to hear some incredible, mind-bogeling guitar work on top of a tight rhythm section, and performed live at that, this is the next album you need to buy. Oh, and buy the way, did I mention a killer bluesy voice with way too much soul for a long haired white boy?
On 2/27/2000, Eric Stanbrough (1108) posted:
Overall Rating:
This an amzing record in the spirit of famous live albums like Live from the Fillmore East by the Allman Brothers, this a band thats around today that is am azing and are great at their instruments where so many of todays bands lack, They do some originals (Thorazine Shuffle and Mule as well as some others), some covers (War Pigs and Cortez the Killer plus more), an Allman Brothers tune (Soulshine), and some Jazz (Coltrane's Afro-Blue) this band is amazing and the guests are amazing too, Jummy Herring is an amazing player and so is Derek Trucks, it is a shame we don't hear more about them and from them, Marc Ford is great also, and the other guests offer just enough to get the perfect jammable mix, This is probably my favorite band around today, you need to get this album, you can learn alot from them and it is also a great album to listen to, it is a double album with the real long half-hour long jam songs on the 2nd disk, i definitely recomend it, if you buy it you will be happy you did.