Marshall AS80R Acoustic Soloist

Made by Marshall

Description This is a dedicated amplification system that very accurately reproduces the pureness of an acoustic's unplugged sound. The amp has excellent overall tone and great flexibility.
Posted By Richard Lewis (351)
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Member Reviews

On 2/23/2000, Richard Lewis (351) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a fantastic amp without a doubt. The list price is $1199.00, but I found it much cheaper, then did some price haggling with the store. This amp does NOT have any pre-programmed sounds like the Fender Acoustasonic Pro or the Crate amps, but why would you want it to? If you want a bigger variety of sounds (and I bet you won't), you can add a processor, etc., later. If Marshall added pre-programmed sounds, the quality would suffer somewhere. This amp was designed for absolute pure quality acoustic sound, and lives up to that. Compare feature for feature and sound to sound with any other acoustic amplifier, and I'll bet you will pick the Marshall.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $699.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend
This is an acoustic amplifier. 2 - 10" Celestion speakers, 80 watts (40 per side), stereo combo. Three discrete channels: Channel 1: Designed for use with a microphone for either instrument or vocal reproduction. Channel 2: Designed for piezo type pickups or input from a backing tape or drum machine, or even a flick of a switch for clean electric guitar. Channel 3: Intended for use with piezo type acoustic transducers, either direct from the instrument or from preamped devices. All of the channels can be used at the same time. There is active EQ on each channel. Anti-feedback filters and pick attack controls on the transducer (channel 3) channel. Stereo reverb and chorus. Stereo effects loop and line out. Phase reversal switch, and much, much more. A footswitch is included. This paragraph would take a quarter of this page if I listed all the features here.
Sound Quality:
Superb. You gotta hear this thing! I compared it to Crate and Fender acoustic amps, and there is no comparison in my opinion.
Ease of Use:
There are a lot of knobs on this amp, but it also has lots of features. Usage is straightforward and easy once you learn what each knob does. The only problem you will have is in deciding what combination of sounds you like!
This thing is built like a rock! Good, solid construction and the weight to go along with it. (18 kilograms, but you won't want anything less).