G&L Legacy

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by G&L

Description it is a good weighted guitar offers a deep gnarly twangy bluesy sound and can get a great sustain with the tone knobs turned down to 3! Nice pick-ups and easy Fender Strat playing!
Posted By Shawn Goodwin (46)
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Member Reviews

On 2/26/2001, Carl Phillips (11977) posted:
Overall Rating:
I compared this guitar with Fender Strats and the G&L's blew them away. Every one of them has exellent fit and finish. If stolen, I would probably just let it go however, because I really prefer humbuckers.
Model Year: 1998
Price: $600.00 (new)
Where Obtained: A&E Music, Virginia Beach, VA
US Made, alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, 3 G&L single coils, 2 tones, 1 volume, 5 way selector switch, candy apple red.
This guitar has a very big neck 25.5 inch neck scale. Plays very well.
Sound Quality:
I run this guitar through a Mesa Boogie Nomad 55. Although not suited for metal, the blues tone from this guitar is unsurpassed. Tone is very jangly. The single coils tend to be very noisy if selected by themselves in bridge or neck position.
Have not gigged with this guitar. I adjust it probably once every 6 months. Everything is holding up well in the 2 years that I have owned it.
On 2/22/2000, Shawn Goodwin (46) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is one of the best guitars I have picked up in a while, easy playing ability and you can get a sound from blues to heavy metal on it! Great with a Jimmi Hendrix Fuzz Wah!
Model Year: 1996
Price: $980.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Killeen, TX
Good pick-ups and hardware
Fender Strat play ability, narrow neck
Sound Quality:
good bluesy twang and sustain if the tone knobs are turned down to 3
nicely weighted guitar and good hard wood body