Guitar Player Repair Guide

Description Book on how to set up, maintain and repair electric and acoustic guitars
Posted By Michael Sawley (577)
Directory Hands-On: Building Tips
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Member Reviews

On 1/15/2001, Tim Ball (2060) posted:
Overall Rating:
Professionally presented tips with lots of pictures and diagrams.
On 2/19/2000, Michael Sawley (577) posted:
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A collection of Dan Erlewines articles from Guitar Player Magazine covering all aspects of guitar maintenance from basic cleaning through all aspects of set ups and customisations to big jobs like applying finish. With sections on the work done by Dan to guitars of well known players (Albert King, Albert Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Jeff Beck) and how they are set up. A great resource for all guitarists giving useful information to find what's wrong or to tweak the best out of your guitar that can be used by novice and experienced alike.