Paul Reed Smith Archtop II


Made by Paul Reed Smith

Description a supurb playing instrument...smooth with an unbelievable sound
Posted By Ken Ivers (8)
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Member Reviews

On 2/17/2001, Al Reynolds (6) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at an L5-CES but, no used models at the $2500 realm, in one piece. I would like it warmer and DARKER, but who am I? You can turn the knobs on TEN and get the warmest sustain (never HOWLS? never on my stuff! see below)
Price: $0.00
Where Obtained: Indianapolis, IN
Of course, US made with Maple Carved top/back-sides with the violin bridge. One volume/Tone, one 3/pos pickup selector. MaCarty Pickups
Adequate action for the type of setup. No floating bridge. Its buttery to play, especially with Tomastic Flats (used exclusively). The only flaw is that I don't have two.
Sound Quality:
Use a J-Station through a Mesa/50/50 into two Thiel Cabs one with a Celstion 90/ the other with EV. I playing small a miked(Shure 57) Mesa Studio 22(Celestion greenback) / or Studio preamp with the Celestion 90 cab. Usually play Jazz/Funk (Smooth/Acid) Jazz The sound can be developed (not very dark or warm but smooth and tender with moderate blossom), mainly because of the lite/wound pickups. Mesa allows volume and tone, the guitar provides the BASIS. It is better in the hands of someone who LOVES PRS's. There is not anything you cannot do with this Guitar. Just for defs and grins, it would have been interesting with a coil splitter on the tone pot, just to augument the already lustful tone...
Awe come on, this is an Archtop!!! It's an inanimate WOMAN to me, what more can I say! How do you handle a woman?...If you are, busted up, don't get this guitar unless you repent.
On 2/9/2000, Ken Ivers (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I bought(ordered) this guitar last June with all the trimmings. It took prs 7 months to find the wood I asked for but it was well worth the wait. The guitar fits all the adjectives you might use to describe any instrument that you really care for. It fits into your lap perfectly. The neck has just the right size and depth for playing any kind of music. I would recommend the guitar to any one.