Guild DeArmond Starfire Special


Made by Guild

Description Bigsby licensed tremolo system, American made DeArmond pickups, beautiful tone and striking finish Records beautifully, and sounds great clean or overdriven. Brian Setzer, eat your heart out!
Posted By Dave Brinton (33)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 2/9/2000, Dave Brinton (33) posted:
Overall Rating:
Don't blow your hard earned money on a big dollar Guild, Gretsch, or Gibson. The Starfire Special is all the average guitar afficianado will ever need in a semi-hollowbody guitar. Dollar for dollar an incredible value. Even if you don't play guitar just hang it on your wall as a piece of art! It would be a shame to waste such a great instrument.
Price: $899.00 CAN $ (new)
Where Obtained: Ring Music, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Rosewood fretboard. American made DeArmond pickups. Two tone and two volume pots. Liscensed Bigsby tremelo system. Thinline, semi-hollow body. Pointed cutaway horn, metal components are chrome finished.
Lovely feel, nice weight without being too heavy. Feels great on a strap or seated. High quality overall finish and visually as well as tonally striking. Gorgeous finish,mine is the semi-transparent crimson and I adore it.
Sound Quality:
Great tone overdriven or clean. I play everything from Neil Young, to Tom Waits, to Clapton, to Crowded House to the Foo Fighters on my Starfire.
This guitar begs you to play the tremelo. The maple plywood arched top has the strength to take it. Brian Setzer, eat your heart out!