Guitar Effects Projects

Description Build your own guitar effects. Schematics, layouts, diagrams and detailed instructions to build some common guitar stompboxes. Great for beginners.
Posted By JD Sleep (73)
Directory Hands-On: Electronics
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On 11/29/2000, Tim Floto (6151) posted:
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I only found 4 effect pedal schematics at this site. However it links to another site Guitar effects projects that is really cool. With shcematics, pcb layouts, bill of materials and detailed instructions.
On 3/20/2000, Ken Forde (17) posted:
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The article opened a new world of posibilities.
On 2/6/2000, JD Sleep (73) posted:
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Great site!!! This is a biased opinion, since I am the web site host ;-) Come join me and build some GREAT sounding stompboxes. If you need any help, just email me and I'll be glad to help all I can with the projects detailed on the site.