Darius' Umbilical Chords

by Darius Dunn

(1995) Darius

URL http://www.darius.com.au
Description Chart shows relationships between chords and scales. It is used by major teaching institutions in Australia and is available through leading music shops or Mail Order from website. "A great tool for teaching, A must for all serious musicians"
Posted By Darius Dunn (8)
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On 2/4/2000, Darius Dunn (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
A great tool for teachers and learners alike. One giant laminated full colour reference chart (600mm X 900mm) showing all the relevent information on how to play and use nearly 100 chords and 26 scales/modes. Practice with instrument in hand and all information in full view, no need to turn pages pause videos or click buttons. Available through leading Australian Music shops or mail order from website at; http://www.darius.com.au
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists