Evidence Audio Lyric Cables

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URL http://www.evidenceaudio.com
Description Evidence Audio offers performance-based cables for guitars and music instruments
Posted By Tony Farinella
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On 2/5/2000, Tony Farinella posted:
Overall Rating:
If used on stage -- then it's just very good... who in the audience is going to notice anyway, right? It's more for those trying to connect with their sound on a personal level, or laying down tracks during a recording. Some find for stage work, it's still worth the reduction in flexibility.
Price: $43.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Evidence Audio
Hey, it's my company... don't take my word for it come read the endorsements at the site.
These cables can be physically less flexible than others on stage, but if you are after the true sound coming from your pick-ups, mic or whatever, you'll hear it. It's always a compromise - this trades physical flexibility for sound quality.