Boss DF-2 Super Distortion and Feedbacker

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Boss

Description Distortion pedal with "Feedback" feature to generate artificial feedback-like tones.
Posted By John Yorio (329)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 2/3/2000, John Yorio (329) posted:
Overall Rating:
As a distortion pedal, this is a poor choice, and deserves a 2. However, the Feedbacker portion of the pedal at it's worst is a pretty neat toy, and at it's best it allows you to make some sounds that will make people come up close to see just how the heck you're doing that.
Price: $40.00
Where Obtained: Pawn Shop
Built like a tank (cliche for Boss pedals), in a nuclear shade of orange, it's a distortion stomp box with knobs for Level, Tone, Dist(Distortion). HOWEVER, the ability to generate fake feedback is pretty unique. The footswitch, when depressed and held kicks in the "feedbacker", and the tone is set via the Overtone knob.
Sound Quality:
Primarily, it seems this is a distortion pedal. Unfortunately, the distortion is weak. While the tone may be acceptable for various uses (the first one I had, I used in a Hardcore/Punk band), when clicking on the pedal the volume drops, even when the level is maxed. This problem occurs with both batteries, and AC power. While the situation is easily corrected when recording, in a live band situation, it's somewhat of a disappointment. The feedbacker portion of the pedal is the saving grace. True, no one will believe for one second that it's really feeding back - you'll be doing that anyway because you have to crank the amp to compensate for the poor volume output of the pedal - it can be an interesting effect. I've found with a little reverb and delay I can make a faux synth string effect. Since turning the knob changes the pitch of the overtone (which is also in part determined by the pitch you played before stomping on the pedal) you can "play" the overtone part. Although this is somewhat limited (the range isn't a continuous sweep,but rather seems to click in at 3 different points along the path of the knob), again it can be an interesting effect.
Ease of Use:
It's a Boss pedal. Your 2 year old cousin could figure it out.
The first one I had (that I was borrowing), was dropped onto cement, kicked across stages, soaked in alcohol, etc. and kept going fine. I'm taking better care of the one I now own (since it's mine after all), but it's a Boss and I suspect it will last forever.