Master of Puppets

by Metallica

(1987) Elektra #B000002H33

Personnel Cliff Burton: Bass; Kirk Hammett: Guitar; James Hetfield: Guitar, Vocals; Lars Ulrich: Drums
Description Metallica's 3rd and final album with Cliff Burton. The title track "Master of Puppets" was voted the "best metal song of all time" in a recent radio poll. One of the biggies.
Posted By Jason Reich (1765)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 8/6/2002, Frank Flaherty (75) posted:
Overall Rating:
If you like metal, get this album right away ... well, what are you waiting for!!
On 2/14/2002, Brian Blohowiak (149) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very well the best album released by Metallica
On 7/26/2001, Keith Deuser (2686) posted:
Overall Rating:
Awesome cd. This is definitely Metallica's masterpiece. It may only have 8 songs, but it still has an hour of music on it. The guitar playing is awesome on this cd, it's very fast on some songs. Kirk is an awesome lead guitar player. This is a must buy for any metallica fan
On 5/13/2001, Michael Carter (1094) posted:
Overall Rating:
The greatest heavymetal album ever written.Light and dark,Thrash and melodious. One to buy!
On 3/31/2001, Jimmy Music (127) posted:
Overall Rating:
My alltime #2 fave. damn good work!
On 2/3/2001, Dave Dean (252) posted:
Overall Rating:
This was the first Metallica album i had ever heard. it was like nothing else that was being played on the radio in the upper midwest at that time.they were fast yet musical, loud yet there were acoustic intros and soft interludes.Battery and Master of Puppets really stand out.Ride the lightinin,Master of Puppets, and And justice for all, are the supreme trifecta of Metallica albums. anyone who started listening with the Black album should go back and listen to these earlier albums.
On 1/29/2001, Jason Levandofsky (506) posted:
Overall Rating:
This may be the only album that ever came close to Reign in Blood by Slayer. Very good!
On 12/2/2000, KJ Leichman (1446) posted:
Overall Rating:
From the second those Spanish acoustic guitars sing the opening riff of "Battery" to the last note of the last song, this album is a great listen and an intelligent piece. It begins with thrash metal, turns into a ballad for part of master of puppets, has a chorusy into in Sanitarium, and presents a whole host of other ear candy. If you like Metallica, buy this album. Period.
On 10/28/2000, Mike posted:
Overall Rating:
I've heard alot of metallica songs and cds in the past year. and i have to say that this is (in my opinion) one of the most kick a-- metallica cds out there. They were young and raw and they had Burton! You can tell that they arent any metal band. go and buy it its worth the money
On 9/25/2000, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
THIS IS THE GREATEST HEAVY METAL CD OF ALL TIME! The first five of the eight songs are abso-f---in -lutely classic. Master Of Puppets itself is the best heavy metal song of all time, as voted in various polls such as guitar world, metal magazine, and metallica's own website. It is my favorite on here along with the intense Sanitarium. After these two and Disposable Heroes, Battery, and The Thing That Should Not Be, there is a short break in the total excellence with Leper Messiah, which is a great song anyway. Orion is awesome, and there is another break Damage, Inc. Doesn't matter. Best heavy metal cd ever, EVEN BETTER THAN RIDE THE LIGHTNING!
On 7/4/2000, Shawn Brandon (89) posted:
Overall Rating:
One of Metallica's finest. This album put them at the place they are today!!
On 6/16/2000, Peppe Lahtinen (1754) posted:
Overall Rating:
My favorite metal album: great songs that are inventive, agressive and even progressive at the same time.
On 5/7/2000, Jason posted:
Overall Rating:
The best rock album of all time...master of puppets is is what a metal album should be....a work of art and this is one of those albums where Metallica show their the best at what they do the title track is hypnotic, melodic, and furious.
On 2/2/2000, Jason Reich (1765) posted:
Overall Rating:
"eight songs?" yup, and its still an hour long. Metallica has a knack for using the two-in-one song writing approach with lengthy epics like "Sanitarium" and "master of puppets". The fast-paced metal blitz is standard metallica, and this album stands right up there with "Ride" and "Justice". Hetfeild shows some intelligent somgwriting with the anti-drug "master of puppets" and the anti-war "disposable heroes". This album stays mostly consistent except for a small break in the action at "orion", an instrumental. Though its nothing compared to "ktulu" its still riff-packed and bass heavy. Finally, this album marks Cliff Burton's unfortunate departure from the band, and James and Lars "take over". There is also a 24k gold-master CD out now for those rabid audiophiles. Get it