by Metallica

(1994) Bootleg

Personnel James Hetfield -Lead vocals, Guitar Kirk Hammet - Lead Guitar, Slide guitar Lars Ulrich - Drums Jason Newsted - Bass Jim Martin - Banjo Jerry Cantrell - Bongos Sean Kinney - Im not quite sure Chris Issac - vocals John Popper - lead harmonica
Description A great collection of popular metallica songs played purely acoustic. Really cool. Recorded live from KSOJ studios during as a christmas special. Tons of special guests and intoxicated fun.
Posted By Jason Reich (1765)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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On 2/1/2000, Jason Reich (1765) posted:
Overall Rating:
I know its wrong to review a bootleg on WN, especially if im the one selling it, but i'll try to be honest. I'll say it short and simple, if you like metallica, you will love this CD. Its got almost more chatter than music, and has alot of mistakes, but its hilarious. Mike Piazza calls up and expresses his love for Metallica and the story of how he lost his virginity at his first Met concert! If you don't like metallica, you can still appreciate the intense harmonica solos from John Popper and banjo work by Jim Martin, as well as some solid acoustic playing. The famous Jaggermeister slows everyone down a bit, and the recording isn't without its share of mistakes, but they stay suprisingly tight for 8 drunk guys playing new material. The mindless chatter does get annoying after a few listens, but its all skipable. The heavier songs like "Four Hoursemen" work suprisingly well as do "Nothing else matters", "outlaw torn", and "poor twisted me". A treat for any metallica fan, and a cool CD to have around. Sound quality is great for a live bootleg. Now did that seem too biased?