Tabula Rasa

by Einsturzende Neubauten

(1993) Mute Records #961458-2

Personnel N.U.Unruh, Mark Chung, Alexander Hacke, Bilixa Bargeld, F.M. Einheit. "Guest appearances" by Anita Lane(vocals), Roland Wolf(organ), Mathis Fischer(violin), Reinhard Allenberg(viola), Jan Tilman Schade(violincello).
Description Seven song release from 1993. Experimental/Industrial compositions from this long existing German group, that range from the erotic to the frightening.
Posted By John Yorio (329)
Directory Recordings: Experimental
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On 1/28/2000, John Yorio (329) posted:
Overall Rating:
Complex rhythms, thick sonic texture, and some really cool use of the stereo image are hallmarks of this album by Germany's great Einsturzende Neubauten. A word of warning, if you're looking for a guitar heavy album, this is not it. Earlier Neubauten does feature many tortured guitar sounds,but on this album, the guitar, when it appears(although it IS tortured), is icing on the cake. However this album seems tailor made for those not familiar with E.N. The opening track "Die Interimsliebenden" clocks in at seven minutes and thirty-seven seconds - and it sucks you in for the whole length. Like a chocolate sampler, the song features enough strangeness and complexity to be a treat to regular Neubauten fans, and yet, is catchy enough to be non-threatening to new listeners. The erotic vocals of Anita Lane grace the English version of "Blume" -a song with a fairly minimal arrangement that showcases her vocal.While the arrangement may not be comfortable to an ear weened on rock or pop, her voice is seductive and can knock down any mental block against this style of music. "Headcleaner"(clocking in at 15:04),the album's closer,is a dark and frightening affair- the wall of sounds that scream out of the speaker are spine tingling. What is amazing about these, and the other 4 tracks, is that Neubauten can play them LIVE. And not live with lot's of DATs and synths-altho to be sure they are present, but with pipes, and tubes, and plastic buckets, oil drums, ballbearings and metal chutes, and the like. This album FEELS organic, and is a perfect introduction to this amazing band from Germany.