Ernie Ball/Music Man 212

Made by Ernie Ball/Music Man

Description Speakerless "Fender Twin" head, hybrid SS/Tube unit.
Posted By Juan Polk (79)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 1/24/2000, Juan Polk (79) posted:
Overall Rating:
I think that if you can find one of these units floating around you will have a solid reliable performing unit. Even though mine has been modified beyond Leo Fenders vision the basic unit is very well constructed and layed out.
Price: $200.00
Where Obtained: Sam D'Amico's Music Store, Phila., Pa.
Very good unit for upgrade,and or modification. 4 Vacuum tube output provides high output power for Bass or Guitar. I have modified mine to accept 6CA7, or 6L6GT tubes. I have enjoyed playing with this unit. It is however not stock,but the stock model is a great"sleeper" unit.
Sound Quality:
Ease of Use: