Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde Ultimate Overdrive

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Visual Sound

Description Overdrive pedal that is basically two overdrives-in-one. One half gives tube-driven tones and the other half can get as nasty or smooth as you want. Or do both together!
Posted By Leroy Smith (2273)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 3/6/2003, Chris Wilson (731) posted:
Overall Rating:
I went to guitar center looking for a distortion pedal. I thought I was going to get a BOSS distortion or overdrive pedal. I played them all. Maybe it was the amp I was using in the store, but nearly all of the pedals sounded completely dead(DS-2 is the exception). There just wasn't any life in the BOSS pedals to me. I was just a "bit" dejected. Then I found this pedal and we just fit. I love it.
Sound: why not a 5? Because about once a week in my house I pick up a radio signal. I've never picked up a radio signal through my guitar or amp before getting this pedal. It only lasts for 2 seconds or so and it's pretty soft, but that's the only reason it gets a 4.
Some people say the on/off stomp buttons are too close but I can't remember hitting the wrong one.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $125.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Christmas Present (Santa I think :)
You better run an AC but it will run on a battery too (ate it in 3 hours). -2 chrome footswitches
-Jekyll (TS-808 Tube screamer) channel
---Drive, Tone, and Volume knobs
Hyde (more of a metal Overdrive)
---Drive, Tone, Volume, and Equalizer knobs
---Hyde also hase a sharp/blunt switch to go from a compressed overdrive to a brighter overdrive

Turn on both overdrives and create some super cool tones that I just love to play with.
Sound Quality:
Played through a Marshall Valvestate II 32 stereo chorus (VS232) and a Gibson Sg Special. I enjoy playing blues/heavy rock/some metal through this pedal. You can get a very nice metal sound out of the Hyde (WAY better than the BOSS Metal Zone pedal. That pedal has no life in my opinion) and a decent blues sound out of the Jekyll. Overall, I think this pedal is geared towards hard rock and metal. The power of this pedal is combining the two overdrives.

You have to try running this with a good bit of Jekyll drive and just a smidge of Hyde. Creates a smoothe lead tone that I love to use. I'm not BSing you. Sweet, sweet sound in my opinion.
Ease of Use:
Umm, it's a pedal with knobs. How hard can it be? Play with the knobs until you like something.
The sheet-steel casing leaves no doubts as to the unit's structural integrity.
On 2/14/2002, Leroy Smith (2273) posted:
Overall Rating:
I like a lot of the tones in this pedal. It gives good clean tube-driven sounds, but can get downright nasty on the other hand.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $119.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend
Two overdrives in one! Use them separate or together!
Sound Quality:
For what it's worth, there are several good sounds and tones in this thing.
Ease of Use:
You'll like tweakin' it. The Jeckyll side has Drive, Tone, and Volume. The Hyde side has Drive, Tone, EQ, and Volume, plus a switch for sharp or blunt.
Has held up for a little under three years now.
On 5/7/2001, Ward Moeller (4849) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love it! i've really only been using it for a short time, and i bought it exclusively for the heavy crunch (for stuff like Creed), and it has met my expectations.

i still need to learn to tweak it a bit, but its gettin the job done. it can melt the paint off the walls!

it turns my Peavey amp into a fire-breathing dragon. it's the next-best thing to me going out and spending well over $1000 for a Mesa Boogie amp.

If you want CRUNCH, try this out. i'm sure the better the amp you have to start, the better the tone will be in the end.
Model Year: 2001
Price: $119.00 (new)
Where Obtained: 30th Street Guitars, NYC
Two pedals in one. two footswitches. the jekyll (green) side is supposed to mimic the 808 sound. its got drive, tone and volume. i really havent focused on this side much. the Hyde (red) side is EVIL. it's got drive,tone, volume AND and EQ knob which scoops the mids. its also got a sharp/blunt switch that takes it from a more compressed sound to a sharper tone. you can even run both sides at the same time, but it can be a bit much. runs on 9v or adapter. sturdy metal casing, much larger size than your average pedal. if you're not careful, you could hit both footswitches at the same time when you didnt plan on doing so.
Sound Quality:
I bought this to solve my Quest for Crunch. i have found the Holy Grail. i use it primarily for the Hyde side. it is devious! for this type of sound, i'm usually using my Carvin SC90 through a bunch of pedals into a Peavey Classic50/212. this amp isnt really built for heavy crunch, but this pedal does a great job of creating that sound. with the EQ and Drive at 12:00 you get good heavy crunch, yet you still get decent definition between notes. you can play a 4-note power chord and have it ring true. turning the EQ towards max (~5:00) scoops the mids and gives you that EVIL DEATH METAL SOUND. the heart-pounding, room rattling crunch is great with this pedal. and the boost you get from the volume control is incredible! of you crank the volume, it sounds like its adding 2-3x the volume level. i had my amp on 4 (out of 12), and with the pedal volume on max, it was ear ringing! i tried this pedal in the store thru a high-end Guyatone rig, it was tremendous. it's a little less perfect thru my peavey, only because i think my speakers weren't quite designed for this attack; but i still love it. i have tried many distortion & overdrive pedals. most recently i was comparing Tech21 SansAmps, Carl Martin, and even amp emulation pedals. NOTHING compared to the J&H. i wanted heavy crunch, but didnt want it to be so mushy, that you lose definition between notes in a chord (hard to do at heavy saturation). the J&H did the best job.
Ease of Use:
It has a fair number of knobs, so some tweaking is necessary. the jekyll side is pretty easy. the hyde side gives you more options. set the drive, set the tone, set the volume.
Looks solid. metal housing. plastic knobs.