Line 6 Flextone HD

300W Head

Made by Line 6

Description Programmable 4-channel head, with stereo amplification and effects, stereo XLR plus 4 direct outputs, built-in speaker emulation, switchable series/parallel effect send and MIDI out.
Posted By WholeNote
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 1/16/2000, Laura Wilson (448) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have been through many amps and effects combinations looking for my sound and couldn't find it till I found the Flextone HD. The amout sounds you can get from this amp will make your head spin. I love this amp. Its the only amp with a ton of features and sounds for a great price. Johnson is good competition but for much more cash. But as with any thing musical Its a case of personal taste. Go to the nearest retailer and check one out or soon Line 6 will have a listening area. You'll be surprised at just how good it sounds!
Model Year: 1998
Price: $700.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
Line 6 packs it all in. The only amp to pack in more stuff is Johnson, but then you have the price tag along with it.Programmable 4-channel head,switchable series/parallel effect-send and MIDI-out, Stereo Amplification and Effects (chorus, flanger, tremelo, rotary, delay and swell). , Stereo XLR Direct Outputs, built-in Speaker Emulation,16 different amps,3 band eq, reverb 4 speaker outs,a line out,footswitch in. The floorboard will add more presets, a tuner, tap tempo foot control, and let you turn each effect on and off individually.
Sound Quality:
Does it sound like a tube amp? Extremly Close Do the preset models actually sound like the "actual models"? Extremly Close If you're looking for versatility at a decent price look no further. This amp is very clean and responds well. I love every amp model for its own purpose. Even the eq settings are different for each amp model. I think it will take the remainder of my life to explore all the great tones this amp can produce.
Ease of Use:
I was looking at the Line 6 AX2 or the AxSys but went for the Flextone because it was so easy to use. The other two sounded great but I get impatient with setting up effects. The Flextone solved this problem for me.
I haven't played out with it yet but the construction seem seems pretty solid.