Band Of Gypsys

by Jimi Hendrix

(1970) Capitol #72434-93446-2-4

Personnel Jimi Hendrix, Billy Cox, Buddy Miles
Description Band of Gypsys is more then a pop/rock record. the styles on this record include blues r&b funk rock metal and even hints of jazz.In my opinion this is Jimi's best guitar playing.
Posted By Larry Magri (3259)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 8/2/2003, Martin Priller (574) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a must lsten to cd if you haven't heard this one yet.Here Hendrix lets his "freak flag" fly in all of its glory whether it's going thru the funky jam of "Who Knows" or showing his dark side on the epic "Machine Gun" this album is argubaly one of his greatest pieces of work and shoud belong in any guitarist's collection.
On 2/13/2003, Tom Callagy (1865) posted:
Overall Rating:
After the 1st,Axis,& Electric Ladyland, this was disapointing. Buddy Miles & Billy Cox were less than adequate & can't keep up w/ Jimi like Redding & Mitchell. I think because of them the album as a whole drags.
On 7/12/2001, Brent Cushman (190) posted:
Overall Rating:
Excellent, one of my favorite Hendrix albums. There's so much feeling in this album.
On 6/4/2001, Paul Hachem (303) posted:
Overall Rating:
Excellent guitar playing by Hendrix. His best work IMO, especially if you like funk/R & B. That one note in Machine Gun still makes me cry every time I hear it.
On 11/20/2000, Joe Rafacz (173) posted:
Overall Rating:
Truthfully, when in the band of gypsies, jimi had the opportunity to let flow his most inner creativity, without the bars of constricting managers on image or sound to keep fans - he went all out, as with electric ladyland -
On 7/18/2000, Galan Enzinger (141) posted:
Overall Rating:
This IS the record to get if you want to hear Jimi.This is also his best playing.The band of gypsy's were a killer combo.
On 1/15/2000, Larry Magri (3259) posted:
Overall Rating:
Jimi's Playing is just awsome...............The Best Blues Rock ever recorded