Congratulations I'm Sorry

by Gin Blossoms

(1996) A&M

Description Great songs and a great singer, the guitarists know how to play together well, the sound is a mix of The Birds, and Rem, this is a must have!
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On 7/10/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
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After several years in conclusion, after doing songs for soundtracks and continuing a tour for their highly successful major label debut, Gin Blossoms returned with a great CD filled with the same great sound that their predicesors have.

1. Day Job 2. Highwire 3. Follow You Down 4. Not Only Numb 5. As Long As It Matters 6. Perfectly Still 7. 7th Inning Stretch 8. My Car 9. Virginia 10. Whitewash 11. I Can't Figure You Out 12. Memphis Time 13. Competition Smile

This album is for anyone at all who enjoys music, it's an easy listening and mature album, with almost no flaws at all. Everything about this album is itself-the booklet, the videos, all is Gin Blossoms and nothing else. A perfect plus for the band that would eventually break up before their prime.
On 1/13/2000, Inactive Member posted:
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