Winter of '88

by Johnny Winter

(1988) UNI/MCA

Personnel Johnny Winter: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Description A solid and edifying record by a blues guitar heavyweight
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Directory Recordings: Blues
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On 1/8/2000, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
After seeing JW live for the first time I had two thoughts: one, his shadow looks like a skeleton and, second, I must go out and buy a record. This guy is the real deal. We all like to talk about B B and Stevie as being the legendary blues guitarists but I guarantee you that Winter can outplay any of them. No joke. This guy is just terrifying to watch and hear. While this is not a live recording it does convey a great deal of what you would hear at one of his shows: overpowering and singing guitar played not with a string of pentatonic licks but with a complex interweaving of counterpoint and slide. If you ever wondered what the blues should sound like check this guy out -- you'll be blown away.