Parker Nitefly Version1


Made by Parker

Description A 22-fret,bolt-on version of the Fly Deluxe. Maple body, basswood neck, jumbo spring-tempered stainless steel frets,3 custom DiMarzio pickups. Piezo Pickup under the bridge. Sperzel locking tuners,cast-aluminum and stainless steel floating bridge
Posted By Laura Wilson (448)
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On 1/6/2000, Laura Wilson (448) posted:
Overall Rating:
There are few flaws for the Nitefly that I can see and that is the Sperzel locking tuners tend to cause the strings to break faster since you only need a 1/4 turn. Also You need two amps for live play If you want both acoustic and electric at the same time: although this has been improved upon in newer versions. Last, if you buy one used and have to set it up it can get rather tricky if you do it yourself. But other than that I absolutely love this guitar.The NiteFly packs more sounds per dollar than any other standard electric on the market. If you're a Strat or Les Paul only person, be careful about giving this guitar a try - you might just find yourself becoming a Parker Fan.
Model Year: 1997
Price: $500.00
Where Obtained: Music Go Round
Basswood neck sheathed in a thin layer of carbon and glass fiber and a cabon/glass fretboard. Sperzel locking tuners. Cast-aluminum and stainless steel floating bridge. DiMarzio pickups& a piezo pickup let you choose between magnetic or piezo flavors or any combination of the two. Pickguard mounted controls include volume, tone and a 5-position selector for the magnetic pickups, plus a single volume knob for the passive Fishman piezo. Newer versions of the Nite fly have better features. Like not having to use a stero cable and two seperate amps. But just the ability to switch from Crunch to sweet acoustic warmth on the same guitar is awsome. But with all that you get for the price it is really a great value.
Its one of the lightest guitars out there. It tips the scales at about 6 pounds. The neck has high-modulus carbon and glass fiber-composite construction and ultra-low action; you would have to search high and low to find a faster, sleeker neck.
Sound Quality:
The guitar packs more sounds per dollar than any standard electric guitar on the market.You can instantly switch from a thrashing metal sound, to a clean, clear, crisp acoustic sound.
Seems like it will last forever. The finish is sweet and the high-modulus carbon and glass fiber-composite neck as well as the spring-temptered stainless steel frets are built to last.