Levelling the Land

by The Levellers

(1992) Wise Publications #0-7119-3019-8

URL http://www.levellers.co.uk
Description Tracks from the album, "Levelling the Land" by the Levellers, arranged for piano, voice and guitar. 48 pages, softback.
Posted By Chris Turner (153)
Directory Books/Tab: Acoustic/Folk
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On 1/2/2000, Chris Turner (153) posted:
Overall Rating:
This book claims to contain "all the tracks from the album," but in fact has missed one of the best songs of all, "Fifteen Years." Quite why this is, I do not know, but I was disappointed when I found this out.

The songs are clearly arranged on high-quality paper and well-printed - the book is specially designed to be durable and easy to use (there are no awkward page turns).

The beginning guitarist can find some useful source material, and it is suitable for both accoustic and electric guitars. The advanced guitarist can also be kept occupied by some of the more advanced songs, so there really is something for everybody.

The book gets 3 however, because it is relatively short, containing only 10 songs. If you are a Levellers fan, then the book receives 4 for containing some of their best songs. For others, the Levellers play in an acid/folk/punk-rock style (rather unique) and may not be for everybody, but give them a go!
Suitable for intermediate guitarists