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Description A steel-strung acoustic guitar that is ideal for the beginning guitarist. Made from good-quality materials at an affordable price, providing high-quality tone.
Posted By Chris Turner (153)
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On 1/2/2000, Chris Turner (153) posted:
Overall Rating:
For a beginner, this guitar gets the full 4 stars. For more advanced players, it would probably receive a 3, due to its lack of features and lower quality. I am confident that this guitar is ideal for a first-timer and will provide you with many hours of pleasure.

The only problem I had when I got it was with the strings - Bottom E hadn't been installed very well, so I had to take myself off to the store to learn how to change it (but at least that was useful in itself).
Model Year: 1999
Where Obtained: Arndale Music Centre, UK
It has what you'd expect from an acoustic guitar - nothing special. However, I did notice the absence of strap locks, which need to be fitted. I was not amused.
It's easy to play - the only thing that prevents it from getting the full 5 stars is the fact that it is steel stringed, which may make it a poor choice for children.
Sound Quality:
For 100 (that's about $150) you get what you'd expect - it's nothing outstanding, but the sound is of a good enough quality for a beginner. Advanced players may want to look elsewhere.
This is one of the most hard-wearing guitars I have ever played. The woodwork has been specially treated - ideal for you roadies! It can be slung in the back of a van and not even pick up a scratch. Obviously, being steel-strung means that you don't get many breaks either.