Paul Reed Smith CE22


Made by Paul Reed Smith

Description The least expensive guitar in the PRS line, the CE22 is a bolt-neck guitar featuring the same electronics as the Custom 22. It has a maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and mahogany b
Posted By Nate Schneider (319)
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On 1/1/2000, Nate Schneider (319) posted:
Overall Rating:
I play rock and blues styles and so far, this guitar has been great for both. When I need a real raunchy blues sound (a la SRV), I reach for my Strat, but that's why they make guitars different anyway. The playability is just outstanding this is an incredibly high-quality g
Model Year: 1999
Price: $1075.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Chuck Levin's Music Center
I love what's in this guitar. The pickups are the same as the top of the line PRS's. They feature coil tapping via a 5-way knob selector. The knob is just like the volume and tone knobs, which makes it hard to tell which pickup you're on. The tuners are PRS-pantented. They really an interesting design and hold the tune quite well. The tremolo system is cool just because of how the bar is inserted into the assembly. On the downside, palm muting on it takes a bit of
Oh wow. This thing plays like a dream. I truly play better on my PRS than on any other guitar. It's amazing. The texture of the neck, the action, everything is perfect. Go try o
Sound Quality:
The CE22's sound is really based around the coil tap-able Dragon II's. The singles don't sound just like a strat and the humbuckers don't sound just like a Paul, but they all sound great on their own. Unfourtunately, I've found that they have trouble standing out in a band situation. It's just lacking something there that seems to be present in a Les Paul or Strat. Still, it sounds great on a long bend with plenty of vibrato! This P