Jay Turser JtSoloslim


Made by Jay Turser

Description Great sounding guitar with a great looking price..
Posted By Jimmy Crossen (1015)
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On 12/29/1999, Jimmy Crossen (1015) posted:
Overall Rating:
Jay Turser guitars are by far the most under-rated guitars out on the market, for what you get in the JTsoloslim is amazing. I would pick the JTSoloslim over a fender any day of the week and I wouldn't think twice about it! Of course, the only other guitar I would have trouble picking between is the Carvin DC135... I say.. They are both worth the money you pay for them and if you end up with either of them; you won't be disappointed. I own the Dc135, I don't own the soloslim but I'm borrowing it for a few days. (Which could end up being weeks! Haha) and I am going to buy one for a backup for my CarvinDC135... I recommend everyone, at least give Jay Turser guitars a shot...
Model Year: 1998
Price: $429.00 (new)
Where Obtained: www.gbase.com
The JT Soloslim has a Thin-Line Ash body, Bolt-on Maple neck, Rosewood fretboard, "Precision Tuners", 24 frets, Optional Fulcrum Trem. System OR Original Floyd-Licensed Trem. (Both at the same price)
A fast neck, 24 frets, great player..
Sound Quality:
Excellent Pickups! This is one of the most versatile guitar I have ever played and when you think of it's strong pickups, (which are HSH style BTW) amazing tone, and nearly endless sustain at a price anyone can afford, You think of bigger name brands like Carvin or Parker
Let me tell you, this guitar is well made. This guitar seem's too good to be true also but it is.