Live At The Royal Festival Hall

by John McLaughlin

(1989) Uni/Verve #B00000476R

Personnel John McLaughlin: Guitar; Kai Eckhardt-Karpeh: Bass; Trilok Gurtu: Percussion
Description I am not a jazz fan by any strech of the imagination, but this CD is truly amazing. Not only is the guitar work brilliant, but features some incredible percussion work by Trilok Gurtu.
Posted By Ben Krokower (66)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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On 12/29/1999, Ben Krokower (66) posted:
Overall Rating:
I am not a fan of jazz in general, but this cd is absolutely brilliant. I was introduced to John McLaughlin by my guitar teacher, and dutifully bought the cd, almost immediately putting it into my "really esoteric and never listened to" cd bin. However, I gave it a couple of listens and was stunned by it. Maybe the 1,569th listen of Physical Graffiti was making me yearn for something a bit more in depth, but this recording has really opened me up to different kind of music and playing. Also, I usually don't notice drums too much when I listen to music, but there's a guy named Trilok Gurtu who does the percussion on this album and he'll blow your mind. I mean it. Your head will actually explode. Enjoy