by Living Colour

(1993) Epic

Description The Last Studio effort by Living Colour..thankfully
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Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 1/18/2000, Jason Reich (1765) posted:
Overall Rating:
I'll have to agree with everyone on this one. I think I threw out the cassete in shame after hearing this album. Vernon's squealing harmonics get kinda tiresome and the band really falls apart. Get the first album instead
On 1/16/2000, Jeremy Cotton (7938) posted:
Overall Rating:
I don't know-I worre out 2 copies of their debut album, and one copy of their sophomore album, and I even dug Biscuits-this album was a bit of a let down..although it's not so bad for working out to, except for "Hemp"-(what was up with that, anyway?)
On 12/15/1999, Frederick Burton (5465) posted:
Overall Rating:
Not there best and unfortunately their last. I heard the potential and actually learned to like this album but boy was it hollow. Sounded rushed and uninspired. Sad ending to what could have been a great band.
On 12/14/1999, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I loved LC's first two recordings but you could tell with "Stain" that the game was up...the best way to describe this effort is "exhaustion" You could simply tell that this configuration of LC was not going to work. The lyrics provided by Glover are especially lame. The real musical visionary of this group was undoubtedly Reid. His solo effort "Mistaken Identity" was a masterpiece -- so skip "Stain" and pick up MI