Rising Force

by Yngwie Malmsteen

(1990) Polygram #B000001FDQ

Personnel Yngwie - Pretty much everything
Description This Swedish born guitarist is one of the founding fathers of shred. This CD is a mix of cheesy 80's hair-metal with Yngwie's famous neo-classical guitar. You can almost taste the aqua-net hairspray on this one...
Posted By Jason Reich (1765)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 3/27/2003, Nick Johnston (100) posted:
Overall Rating:
Yngwie, what can i say? he rules, his music is so amazing, this album is a shred masterpeice, far beyond the sun is a terrific example of neo-classical music. in my opinion he is the best of all time. i you love lead and shred guitar, definately grab this
On 5/19/2001, Justin Smith (562) posted:
Overall Rating:
If u bought this in 1984/85 you would have been blown away by this album just the same way u were by Van Halen's first album. This record spawned a thousand copycats. There simply is not an album before this that was called shred. To me the most enduring thing about this record is the arrangements. Go back and listen again and note not just the solos but where and when they occur and how long they go. This separates the men from the boys. The recording isn't clear but somehow listening to it now it seems raw and urgent as opposed to cold and sterile like so many of today's guitar albums.
On 2/5/2001, Gene Randall (65) posted:
Overall Rating:
Love the mans style.
On 11/27/2000, Roger Sullivan posted:
Overall Rating:
This is Yngwie's first solo effort. The production is nowhere near as good as his later efforts, but that's hardly a problem since the material is so strong here. I read another review here that said the songs were weak on this album, that's complete rubbish. Each instrumental on this album is a miniature opus, with brilliant melodies and progressions. And of course the guitar playing is brilliant. This album is a true classic, and any guitar player who doesn't already own it should be ashamed of himself.
On 6/16/2000, Peppe Lahtinen (1754) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very good guitar playing and pretty good songwriting too. My only major complaint is that i would like to hear less those super-fast guitar licks and more memorable melodies, because songs like "icarus dream" prove that Yngwie is capable of doing them. Bad production but the guitar sound is decent. Overall this is one of the most important "guitar-hero"-records there is and as far as originality goes, Yngwie can be rated very high. It is very easy to recognize his style.
On 5/6/2000, Jeremy Cotton (7938) posted:
Overall Rating:
One of my favorite shred/Yngwie albums. It gets a little old (and dated) after a while, but definitely a great example of shred...
On 2/9/2000, Leroy Smith (2273) posted:
Overall Rating:
I give it the full 5, because at the time that Rising Force came out, it blew everyone's mind. It was something they had never heard a whole lot of on the guitar. This album was the first time I had ever heard any guitarist play that fast, and in a Classically-flavored way. It's a regular style now, so if this album were to come out today, it would probably just get a 3 from me.
On 12/14/1999, Jason Reich (1765) posted:
Overall Rating:
If you can get past the cheesy lyrics and keyboard stuff, this is a great album. It has nothing really special in any of its songs besides the 5 minute solos. Just as a porn movie has no plot, this CD has no substance. The solos are the only reason you could possibly want to buy this CD, and they are amazing. Yngwie is one of the best guitarists out there, and he shows it (alot) on this album. A great fusion of classical and metal. Anyone who plays lead guitar should look into this