Couldn't Stand The Weather

by Stevie Ray Vaughan

(1984) Sony

Personnel Stevie Ray Vaughan: Guitar, Vocals; Jimmie Vaughan: Guitar; Tommy Shannon: Bass; Stan Harrison: Sax; Chris Layton: Drums; Fran Christina: Drums
Description SRV's second release. This one has a ton of classic tunes and some heavy duty blues playing.
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Directory Recordings: Blues
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Member Reviews

On 12/4/2008, Michael Laurance (4040) posted:
Overall Rating:
Honestly, one of my favorite records of all time. He puts so much emotion into the classic Tin Pan Alley that it still moves me every time I hear it. This should be placed in every high school in America as required listening.
On 6/24/2001, Ga Thomas (1904) posted:
Overall Rating:
This has to be one of my favorite blues albums. Not only is his guitar playing amazing, but you have to love his voice.
On 11/22/2000, Carl Anderson (2230) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is an aweseome CD. "Cold Shot," "Voodoo Chilie," and "Couldnt Stand the Weather" are the standout tracks that most classic rock and blues fan would recodnize right off. "Tin Pan Alley" is a ssslllooowww blues song that captures SRV's best. Very good CD!
On 7/3/2000, Peppe Lahtinen (1754) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very good songs in this record and obviously the playing is fantastic even though i do think that SRV has the tendency to overplay sometimes. But overall this is great record and i have to give 5 stars...
On 2/9/2000, Mark Trent (73) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a must have for the SRV category. I just bought the re-issue and they added 5 bonus tracks (one being a quick interview w/ Stevie). The song "The Things (That) I Used To Do" - the first time I heard it, it just blew me away! Gave me goosebumps. NOTHING put out today has the effect that SRV has... Luckily, there are more songs like this one that haven't been overplayed, so they are fresh. Another great song from this CD, "Tin Pan Alley" - very bluesy # with a slow tempo. This song sounds like a blues standard with the addition of his signature sound on the lead. Other songs include "Scuttle Buttin", an energetic frenzy that makes you want to hit the dance floor. "Voodoo Chile" - most people have heard this one. "Stang's Swang" has a jazzy feel to it; not a typical SRV song, so it surprises you with its' perkiness. "Gimmie Back My Wig", a bonus track, is full of slide playing and you can't help but crack up on the lyrics. Having not been an SRV follower when he was alive, I keep getting overwhelmed at the "new" discoveries I find on his albums. He truly was one-of-a-kind and I have never been more motivated to pick up my Strat and practice my ___ off because of him. Thanks, Stevie...
On 12/14/1999, Jim Burger (4613) posted:
Overall Rating:
An excellent all-around album really showcases SRV's versatility. Who else could get away with covering Voodoo Chile?
On 12/14/1999, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
For me, this was the best album that SRV recorded. Scuttle Buttin', Couldn't Stand the Weather, Voodoo Chile, Cold Shot, Tin Pan Alley, etc...