The Divine Wings of Tragedy

by Symphony X

(1997) Inside Out

Personnel Michael Romeo(guitars) Thomas Miller(Bass) Jasson Rullo (drums) Michael Pinella (keyboards) Rusell Allen (vocals)
Description A Progressive-neoclassic-metal band with great technical ability creates the better release of 1997. Power, melody and beautiful arrangements. You must hear them, a great guitarrist is in there.
Posted By Victor Garcia (275)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 5/4/2005, Keith Deuser (2686) posted:
Overall Rating:
Some of the best guitar playing out their, the guy's got a great sense of melody. This a masterpiece. Track 4 "The Accolade" stands out the most to me. I can't stop listening to this album!!
On 12/20/2000, Pedro Werneck (463) posted:
Overall Rating:
...Mike Romeo not only plays like Malmsteen...he looks like Malmsteen...I think he's his twin brother...but it's great...and a great person too...I met with him last month here in Brazil, before the Concert of the South American Tour...
On 2/12/2000, Ryan Roupe (426) posted:
Overall Rating:
i absolutely love this cd......Michael Romoe rocks
On 12/13/1999, Victor Garcia (275) posted:
Overall Rating:
A little hard to find album, but it's worth a lot.

All is great in there: The agresiveness of some power-trash metal with a neoclassic style similar to Malmsteen's but in a more progressive and complex way. Choral arrengements and great solo's.

Ideal if you like Dream Theater or Malmsteen...