Yamaha FG-411S


Made by Yamaha

Description A good cheap (~$300) guitar for beginners and intermediates.
Posted By Jim Burger (4613)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 12/10/1999, Jim Burger (4613) posted:
Overall Rating:
For the price, I think that this is an excellent guitar -- I've been playing it for 6 years now. I have looked for guitars in the $800 price range and have not found anything that I find better-sounding or more playable. As I mentioned above, the only problem I've had is with Fretbuzz on my high-E string, which I had to have fixed twice.
Model Year: 1993
Price: $300.00 (new)
I have to admit, I know enough to judge the features of this guitar, but I only play solo acoustic, so I'm not asking for anything fancy.
Until I started checking out $1000+ guitars, I never saw one that I found more playable than my Yamaha. The only problem I've had is that the action on my high E string is very low, sometimes resulting in Fretbuzz on the 3rd-7th frets. I've had to take this in to be fixed twice.
Sound Quality:
For the price, I don't believe you'll find better sound quality. I don't use a pick and don't play too many chords, and this guitar gives me both the deep bass of the low strings and the resilience that I need off individually picked high strings. I find the bass sound on many more expensive guitars to be dull in comparison.
I have travelled a lot with this guitar and, since it's not too expensive, I don't feel guilty banging it around a little. It still plays perfect.