Passion Session : Masters of Acoustic Guitar

by Don Ross

(1999) Narada

Personnel Don Ross - guitar
Description Don realy gets inside the acoustic; lots of harmonics, contrapuntal lines, and refreshing open string uses. Great tunes. A backwoods acoustic version of Tuck Andress, but better.
Posted By Gregory Battle (34)
Directory Recordings: Acoustic/Folk
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Member Reviews

On 12/7/1999, Gregory Battle (34) posted:
Overall Rating:
This cat can play his a-- off. I bought this album on a total hunch. He's nothing to look at (sorry Don), but his playing is impeccable and his sensibilites on the acoustic guitar are, in my opinion, wholly enviable. His technique is subtle and is used only to support the rhythmically agressive music. His use of harmonics is particularly refreshing. You'll dig this disc.