Texas Flood

by Stevie Ray Vaughan

(1983) Epic #EPC 460951 2

Personnel Stevie Ray Vaughan: Guitar, Vocals; Tommy Shannon: Bass; Chris Layton: Drums
Description A great album from one of the modern masters of blues guitar.
Posted By Jim Burger (4613)
Directory Recordings: Blues
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Member Reviews

On 12/4/2008, Michael Laurance (4040) posted:
Overall Rating:
While not as good as his later work, you get to hear SRV in a younger, more raw form. People comment about his "adaptation" of lyrics, but I think it flows very well. The title track is amazing, and holds up against any of his work.
On 4/2/2005, Adrian Levi (2907) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great CD, one of those that everyone should have regardless of genre they play. Everyone can learn from SRV.
On 4/17/2003, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
When this record hit the market it got the same response as the crowds did when they first saw his live performances. I respect all the music he wrote, and this album is on of my favorites of all time. If you like mean guiar riffs that overpower the rest of the music, you'll love this album. I'd compare Stevie ray to BB King or Jimi Hendrix.
On 5/1/2001, KJ Leichman (1446) posted:
Overall Rating:
You'll be shaking your head when you listen to this and find out that it's SRV's debut album. How many debut albums have hits that make the band's Greatest Hits album and become household names among blues guitarists and enthusiasts alike? With classics like "Texas Flood," "Pride & Joy," "Testify," and many others, this will quickly become one of your favorite blues recordings.
On 11/22/2000, Carl Anderson (2230) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is SRV's 1st album. True, the songs do sound the same (same shuffle rythym), but his soloing is great.
On 12/2/1999, Jim Burger (4613) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great album. Pretty much the same can be said for any SRV album. Even though tracks #2 and #9 are exactly the same. Even though SRV makes the mistake of trying to cover a Howlin' Wolf tune ("Tell Me" - his vocals don't match up, but the guitar solo makes up for it). SRV's cover of Buddy Guy's version of Mary Had a Little Lamb is the best song on this album (in my opinion), IT ROCKS!!!

By the way, check out the set of teeth on the guy on the right side of the photo on the back cover...