Blind Lemon Jefferson

by Blind Lemon Jefferson

(1992) Milestone #mcd-47022

Personnel Blind Lemon Jefferson: Guitar, Vocals; George Perkins: Piano
Description A collection of songs from the progenitor of Texas Blues. This album has pretty much all of Blind Lemon's best-known tunes.
Posted By Jim Burger (4613)
Directory Recordings: Blues
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Member Reviews

On 12/1/1999, Jim Burger (4613) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album is a good one if you want to get the full sampling of the goods from the early blues master who many consider the founder of Texas Blues. Without Blind Lemon, there probably would have been no T-Bone Walker, no Albert Collins, and (gasp!) no SRV.

The album contains his best-known songs, such as his patent "Matchbox Blues" and "Jack O'Diamonds Blues".

Nonetheless, I must admit that I almost never listen to this album because I just don't like his wailing singing voice. His guitar fills are very nice, and some of his work is quite seminal.