Eat 'Em & Smile

by David Lee Roth

(1986) Warner Brothers

Personnel David Lee Roth- vocals, Steve Vai- guitar Billy Sheehan- bass, Gregg Bissonette- drums
Description Pretty funny recording...
Posted By Frederick Burton (5465)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 1/10/2008, Michael Laurance (4040) posted:
Overall Rating:
I agree. The vocals are a bit goofy, but Vai's playing is incredible.
On 6/3/2002, Darryl Roberts (5330) posted:
Overall Rating:
David Lee Roth goes out with a bang. The best album Van Halen never made. Better than anything they have done since Dave left the band. Lots of typical Diamond Dave posturing, over the top bufoonery, and campy rock cliches done as only DLR can. Awesome musicianship, as would be expected. Spend the $15, you won't regret it.

On 1/23/2002, Brian Blohowiak (149) posted:
Overall Rating:
Steve Vai makes this album...Some tunes sound like they were ripped of from Van Halen. still pretty good.
On 7/22/2001, Stone Dragon (8501) posted:
Overall Rating:
Van Hagar went tootsie pop; Roth and the boys became Van Halen without any Van Halens.

The worst mistake that Van Halen ever made was alienating Roth. The worst mistake that Roth ever made was alienating Sheehan and Vai.

The best comment on the whole Van Halen/Roth split was delivered by Diamond Dave, himself, "Sammy Hagar has to go onstage every night and sing Jump, but I'll never sing a Sammy Hagar tune.
On 8/24/2000, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
This came out in 1986. There is another cd that came out around this time, maybe you've heard of it. I'ts this album 5150 by Van Halen. Go buy that now! Anyway, this cd sucks so much more than 1984 it's just sick. It is okay though. There is no soul whatsoever in it. They manage to get by on the insanely talented musicianship of the four main band members. Sheehan is a great bass player, and Vai can play like a madman. But the problem is that every time Vai taps, or has a squealing harmonic or a little poppy fill, all you can think of is: "Boy, he sure is cashing in on what Eddie built, isn't he?" He blatantly steals patterns and playing styles from ed. And he would never get this famous on his own if it weren't for Roth, and Roth wouldn't have any marquee if it weren't for Eddie! Yankee Rose is okay, Shyboy is a little better, I'm Easy is average, Ladies Nite In Buffalo also average, Goin' Crazy is average, Tobacco Road is really cool with that pop/rock/blues thing Eddie started, but then it goes into a showtunes movement that keeps it from breaking past average. Elephant Gun is a real stinker. The best one is Big Trouble, which sounds like an outtake from Fair Warning or maybe Diver Down. It has cool lyrics that don't really mean anything but sound cool, and a bunch of sweet guitar parts. Bump And Grind and That's Life both suck. The guitar on this record is so processed and flawless that it sounds like it's from a Sonic The Hedgehog video game or something. No inspiration at all. Anyway, this cd bites. Go get 5150 or Fair Warning if you really want your mind blown. Sorry to say this Dave, but it looks like 1986 was the year of Sammy and Eddie.
On 1/15/2000, eric blanchard (45) posted:
Overall Rating:
C'mon, who are we kidding, this is one of the greatest rock guitar albums ever. It doesn't hurt that Dave is "on" for the last time in his career, either, nostalgia-wise. I don't listen to this kind of stuff much anymore, but I've recently pulled this one out for a listen and it is Vai's ultimate statement, whether he knows it or not. I never cared for Sheehan's boring busy rock style, but despite that,who can doubt the brilliance of pretty much the whole album, especially 'Big Trouble' with Dave talking about something that sounds cool but makes no sense like he did in the old days and one of my favorite guitar solos of all time. Dust it off and listen again, it'll make you want to practice,again.
On 12/30/1999, Jeremy Cotton (7938) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would say this is a shining example of the genre-killer guitar, killer bass, and the ultimate hormone metal lead singer....I always liked this better then anything Van Halen EVER did-Eddie could never touch Vai, and Billy is way ahead of Mike Anthony....
On 12/30/1999, Michael Sawley (577) posted:
Overall Rating:
As above
On 12/1/1999, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
This isn't art but it is good rock and roll. I'm of the opinion that Van Halen took a massive nosedive when Roth left. What could be better than the original VH? Well, not much, but Roth with Vai is pretty damn cool. Diamond Dave was a great frontman that didn't stoop to the infantile levels of Sammy when it came to writing rock and roll songs. This CD is good rock with insane guitar provided by Vai.
On 12/1/1999, Frederick Burton (5465) posted:
Overall Rating:
Take away the vocals then you have a pretty excellent CD. But then again David does give it a certain type of charm. Vai's playing is phenomenal, yet entertaining, yet virtuostic. Must get!