Blizzard of Ozz

by Ozzy Osbourne

(1981) Sony #67235

Personnel Ozzy Osbourne-vocals, Randy Rhoads-guitar Bob Daisley-bass, Lee Kerslake-drums
Description Legendary Metal album spawned by legendary guitarist.
Posted By Frederick Burton (5465)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Overall Rating: 4.6 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 8/9/2003, Keith Deuser (2686) posted:
Overall Rating:
With a song like Crazy Train on this album, how can I not reccommend it!!?? This is a masterpiece all the way through, nothing wrong. Rhandy's classical/metal style is jaw dropping, it's so sad the world had to lose such a musical genius. Rhandy's lead playing is amazing.
On 9/30/2001, Jeffrey Kraus (117) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is just an amzing album. It is definitly one Ozzy's best albums and showcases some awesome guitar playing by Randy Rhoads. I can't really think of many ways they could have made this album much better. Just go out and get it, it's a classic!
On 7/2/2001, David Begin (1116) posted:
Overall Rating:
With Randy's Guitar and Ozzy vocals how could you go wrong. Another masterpiece from the Ozzman
On 1/29/2001, Jason Levandofsky (506) posted:
Overall Rating:
Ya really cant say enough about Randy Rhodes. I'm not all that crazy about Ozzy, but this album is great. Randy was such an innovator in his own right, almost as much as Ozzy himself.
On 1/7/2001, Edward Azbell (1011) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is one of my all-time favorite albums. Featuring one of the best guitar players ever. And that Ozzy really can sing a good song.
On 12/5/2000, Jason Tafilowski (1468) posted:
Overall Rating:
"A voyeur straining with love in his hand a poison passion a pulsating gland..." "X rated demon that lives in my head hungry for bodge and he wants to be fed..." Need I say more?
On 5/2/2000, Chris Bartlett (55) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a classic metal album. Randy Rhodes was one the greatest guitarist of all time. One can only imagine what he could have achieved over a normal life time.
On 5/1/2000, Sandro Massarani posted:
Overall Rating:
Ozzy is a lucky guy. Out of Sabbath and in a deep depression, he found in a young guitarrist the reason for continuing his music journey. All the songs in this album are great, there is nothing wrong with any of the band members. With his classical style, Randy changed the way of playing a guitar. I just imagine what would have happen if Randy had survived. Thanks Ozzy, thanks Randy.
On 2/9/2000, Leroy Smith (2273) posted:
Overall Rating:
Blizzard of Oz was some of the first of the Heavy Metal style that I remember hearing at a very young age. I enjoyed this album at about the age of 5! It wasn't long after that I started hearing the early stuff from Van Halen and AC/DC.
On 12/3/1999, Craig Smoot (906) posted:
Overall Rating:
Randy was a truly gifted musician, and one can't help but wonder to what wonderful new heights he would've taken his craft. [sigh]  His awesome solos in "Mr. Crowley" and the whole song for that matter is as "Classic" as it gets, baby!  Although "Diary.." was also a great album, I'd have to say that "..Ozz" is the definitive Randy album.
On 11/27/1999, Jeremy Cotton (7938) posted:
Overall Rating:
I always thought that Randy deserved at least as much credit for the neo-classical thing as Yngwie...although his technic was never as polished, he still played a lot of similiar ideas. My favorite tunes were Mr. Crowley and Crazy Train.....
On 11/27/1999, Frederick Burton (5465) posted:
Overall Rating:
I'm a big Randy Rhoads fan. I really love his playing on the only two albums he recorded with Ozzy. What a breath of fresh air to the rock world. Haunting songs on this recording, augmented by the neo-classical stylings of Randy Rhoads.