Primal Magic

by Strunz & Farah

(1990) Mesa #R2 79023

Personnel Jorge Strunz- guitars, Ardeshir Farah- guitars.... others too many to list
Description Great world music from the masters...
Posted By Frederick Burton (5465)
Directory Recordings: World
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On 11/24/1999, Frederick Burton (5465) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was turned on to these guys and I was immediately taken by the musicality of such a diverse band. I didn't name all of the personnel but I think it'll be interesting to name the countries they represent: Costa Rica, Iran, USA, Columbia, Cuba, Mexico, and the Cameroon. Now this is world music!! The amazing thing is that each tune captivates each of these nationalities. This Cd will not disappoint anyone: percussionist, guitarist, bassist etc. I really enjoy this recording everytime I play it. Always something different and intriguing when its playing.