by Jimmy Bruno

(1994) Concord

Personnel Jimmy Bruno- guitar Craig Thomas- bass Steve Holloway- drums
URL http://www.jimmybruno.com
Description I'm going to be biased again but I'm sure you'll be the judge.......
Posted By Frederick Burton (5465)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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On 11/23/1999, Frederick Burton (5465) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is dedicated to JC who loves Jimmy's first. This Cd recording, his second, does what the title indicates: BBBBBBUUUUuuuuuurrrrnnnnssss! When I bought this Cd, I immediately went to track #8- "Giant Steps". I'm not surprised...I quote the great philosophers "Bill and Ted"...... EXCELLENT! The rest of the Cd rocks, I mean, swings. I had the honor of having bassist Craig Thomas and Jimmy Bruno as instructors. What I learned is invaluable and its shown on this recording and others. Enjoy JC.