Liquid Tension Experiment

by Liquid Tension Experiment

(1998) Magna Carta

Personnel John Petrucci- guitar, Tony Levin- bass John Portnoy- drums, Jordan Rudess- keyboards
Description Rock, Fusion, Improv, Funk. This groups does it all and damn well.
Posted By Frederick Burton (5465)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Overall Rating: 4.3 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 8/6/2003, Tony Cook (2424) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great record. It's refreshing to hear Dream Theater-style prog-rock, without all the overblown vocals.
On 6/15/2000, Peppe Lahtinen (1754) posted:
Overall Rating:
To be honest i expected this to be little better.obviously the playing is high quality but even though there are many great moments (the middle section of "paradigm shift","state of grace" or the ending of "universal mind"),there is too much (pointless) soloing.especially in the 30-minute improvised "song" where petrucci should really calm down a little in my opinion.on the other hand,tony levin is phenomenal again.
On 11/29/1999, Jason Reich (1765) posted:
Overall Rating:
Petrucci really leads this one. He really has room to explore on this album and shows his amazing diversity. You should also check out the aptly titiled LTE2, more of the same
On 11/19/1999, Frederick Burton (5465) posted:
Overall Rating:
This could be called one of those "super" group recordings. Three of the members currently make up the great progressive band "Dream Theater". Add the omnipresent bass of Tony Levin and you have something very very very unique. What makes this "super" group cd good is that they checked their egos at the door and these guys sound like a band. For all you euipment masters. This Cd has it all. Chapman Stick, Electric Upright Bass, 7-string guitar, keys galore, and drums. The highlight is the interplay between John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess who copies lines at mind blazing speed. The song that sticks out is the close to 30minutes improv. One take, its over the top.