Description 107-oink-5 FM from Freedom, CA. "The Best Damn Radio Station In The World".
Posted By Maciek Sakrejda (8047)
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On 1/1/2002, Tracy Hardy Johnson (11666) posted:
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True, true, true. A great website and online music source.

All I would add to Maciek's excellent description is that not only do they have a live playlist, but the lists are actually a hyperlink to the music page where you can rate and comment on the music, as well as find out more about the artists with a link to

Not only can you listen to great music, but you can learn about the music as you are listening to it!

Every time I listen to this station, I discover half a dozen new CDs I'd love to have.

Thanks to Maciek for letting me know about this station!
On 2/27/2001, Maciek Sakrejda (8047) posted:
Overall Rating:
I first stumbled upon KPIG on a trip to Monterey. I don't remember what they played, but I do remember it instantly caught my attention. Not just the music, the station itself. But to begin at the beginning, the music is mostly rock with strong country or folk influences, but there's also some folk, a bit of country, a touch of jazz occasionally, and a good deal of blues. There is a weekly blues show (Sunday nine p.m. to midnight Pacific time) and a weekly bluegrass show (Sunday six to nine p.m.), as well as "Please Stand By", a weekly live music show (also Sunday, ten a.m. till whenever it ends). Here's a random listing of a few artists KPIG plays, to give you an idea (in no particular order): Lyle Lovett, Frank Zappa, Southern Culture On The Skids, Emmylou Harris, Led Zeppelin, Willie Nelson, The Who, John Hiatt, Pink Floyd, The Reverend Billy C. Wirtz, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Johnny Cash. I used to "hate" country when I started listening to the station, and that aspect of it took a while to grow on me, and it has. I wouldn't be caught dead listening to a commercial country station, but what KPIG plays, I've kinda grown fond of.

The best thing about KPIG, though, is attitude. Not the annoying MTVish attitude of your typical alternative rock station, but a more mature sort of thing. Although they do sink a little low sometimes. They have fake ads that they throw in during commercial segments, and some... well, here's an example (not verbatim):

"A one-of-a-kind collection: the Four Skins, Live at the Zipper club in Ouchmyweiner, Germany..."

Another great thing is how much free hand the DJs have in picking the music. Their system is described on the web site, but the important thing is, it works really well. Occasionally, they do overplay new releases, but other than that, the music is always fresh, and you're likely to hear something new every day.

KPIG was the first commercial radio station to broadcast over the web, and they have regular listeners all over the world. If you give them a try, it's easy to see why. If you're in their broadcast range (they broadcast from Freedom, California), they're 107.5 on the FM dial.     They also have an excellent web site, complete with a half dozen different webcast formats, artist info, studio webcams, special feature archives, DJ info, station info, and a live running playlist(!!!). Killer, killer, killer station. Listen. Now.