by Monte Montgomery

(1999) HeartMusic

Personnel This guy can play acoustic guitar better than most guys play their Strat. Check out his website and read the quotes. Listen to the album. By the way his label only carried Jazz artists until they signed Monte.
Description This CD is a feast for the ears and eyes..Yes! that's right, eyes. Check out track 10 (play it on your computer, view with a media player eg. Quicktime) and see what all the fuss is about.
Posted By Peter O'Neill (812)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 10/25/1999, Peter O'Neill (812) posted:
Overall Rating:
Listening to this album renewd my interest in playing guitar, and especially the acoustic guitar. Monte Montgomery's playing style is unique, his lyrics and singing are right there. If your interested in hearing a new style of guitar playing, this CD is for you, track 10 " When Will I" can be viewed on a computer. Check out his website and see what the professional musicians are saying about Monte's playing. http://www.heartmusic.com/artists/monte.htm