Blues on Bach

by Modern Jazz Quartet

(1973) Atlantic

Personnel John Lewis-(Piano), Milt Jackson-(vibraphone) Percy Heath-(Bass), Connie Kay-(drums)
Description In honor of the great Milt Jackson......
Posted By Frederick Burton (5465)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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On 10/16/1999, Frederick Burton (5465) posted:
Overall Rating:
In honor of the great Milt Jackson who recently passed on, I feel it an honor to contribute to "wholenote" this great album. Milt Jackson, who as part of the Modern Jazz Quartet, epitomized the jazz form known at that time as "Third Stream". This recording, in two words, sums it up, even for guitarists: "MUST GET"!!!! Briefly, third stream was a popular style of jazz which fused together jazz and the classical forms of music. This album has it all- for all. Classical, Blues, Swing, etc. Milt is at his greatest, especially within the blues form. Check out, in particular, track #6. For those who are not familiar with a the minor blues form, I suggest giving this CD a listen. Anothe album to check out featuring Milt Jackson is "Bags and Trane, with John Coltrane. A tearful adieu to Milt Jackson. Farewell!