G&L Legacy Special

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by G&L

Description G&L legacy special strat (left-handed) in cherry sunburst. Sperzel locking tuners,graphite nut, 3 G&L single coil sized humbuckers.
Posted By Darren Chan (17)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 10/15/1999, Darren Chan (17) posted:
Overall Rating:
One of the best strat guitars you can get in it's price range in terms of looks, features and tone. A total tonedog!!
Model Year: 1997
Price: $2250.00 Aus (new)
Where Obtained: Eagle music
All G&Ls are handmade and you can tell- more attention has been given to make this guitar look and sound awesome. Has locking tuners, graphite nut and unique tone controls that control bass and treble tones. Usual five way switching. And the finish on the swamp ash body is stunning!
The action is unbelievably low with no fret buzz whatsoever! You can bend two and a half steps and not fret out!The tremelo is one of the most solidly constructed things you'll find. You can go wild on the whammy and it'll stay pretty much in tune- thanks to the graphite nut and lockling tuners. Have never broke a string with this tremelo.
Sound Quality:
What can I say. This guitar has THE strat tone! Certainly craps on any Fender Strat in the same price range.The pickups give the strat a darker quality,the neck and middle give that distinctive strat bell-like tone(don't sound like humbuckers), whilst the bridge pickup has a more grunty humbucker tone(no pickup buzz). The guitar has sustain to last for days (gives Les Pauls a run for their money). Many people have commented about the awesome tone of this guitar.
Tough as bricks. You can stand on the guitar neck and it won't even flinch. As proof of it's durability G&L give a 10 year warranty to the original owner. Can't beat that!